What is Digital Minds?

We are a team of digital psychologists, working hard to mainstream the use of digital footprint analysis in work and organizational psychology.

Our vision is to be the leading new generation assessment solution, based on digital footprint analysis

Our product

Our product is a revolutionary assessment tool for recruitment that is based on email analysis.

The assessment solution combines AI-based text analysis with email processing.

Main benefits of assessment based on email analysis are:

- more accurate and precise results
- easier and faster for the candidate
- more difficult to fake or manipulate (based on actual behavior)

We are fully GDPR Compliant.

Meet the team

Digital Psychologists at your service
Team Member


As a psychologist, I'm currently focused on the applications of natural language analysis on worklife psychology. I'm highly passionate about psychometrics, psycholinguistics and differential psychology. During my career, I've conducted over 1500 in-depth psychological assessments for globally operating, stock-listed companies. I've also held various Manager/Director roles in leading companies.

Juho Toivola

Digital Psychologist
Team Member


I'm a serial entrepreneur and psychologist who is constantly developing new ways to make use of psychologist expertise. So far I have co-founded five amazing companies. I have also solid experience in high-level psychological assessments as an executive search consultant.

Kristian Kurikka

Digital Psychologist
Team Member

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We're constantly looking for partners and collaborators who share our passion for the "holy trinity" of psychology, business and digital platforms. We're particularly interested in building a network of people who are knowledgeable about psychometrics and statistics. Let us know who you are!


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We'd love to hear from you

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